Bartists’ 1-Year Anniversary

Since over 365 days Bartists officially train, work and grow together as a team and today we are glad to celebrate our first anniversary as a registered sports club.

One year ago, on February 1, 2014, we decided to take a big step and establish a permanent and official sports club dedicated to calisthenics / street workout as the first one in our region. After three of us have known each other and trained together for just a few months, we signed the Bartists club rules that day to mark our commitment and gain more attention for our yet rather unknown sport in our city here in Germany. During our public workouts every weekend throughout the whole year in a local park, we were able to attract dozens of interested people since then and met all of our currently active members there. We also got the attention of local authorities and the local newspaper, but most importantly, made it into the minds of people walking by just by doing sports as a group in public.

Today our team counts 18 athletes, including men and women of all ages who have all proven to train hard and rise above themselves during their time with us and we are very proud to have each and every one of them in our team. We will continue to dedicate our time during the next 365 days to these athletes and this team, so one year from now we will be able to look back as proudly then as we do now.

David, Simon, Sebastian
Bartists Team Leaders