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Bartists’ New Calisthenics Courses in Kaiserslautern

Successful calisthenics workout schedule in Kaiserslautern expanded. More

Interview – Bartists’ Team Member Danny

Nächstes Team-Mitglied in unserer Reihe “Bartists’ Bar Talk” ist Daniel Hohn in einem Interview über Calisthenics und seine Erlebnisse in unserem Verein. As an American, he was so kind to answer our questions in both German and English. More

Interview – Bartists’ First Lady Stephanie

Den Auftakt in unserer neuen Reihe “Bartists’ Bar Talk” macht Team-Mitglied Stephanie Gutsche in einem Interview über unseren Sport und ihre Zeit bei den Bartists. More

Bartists’ Tough Mudder Experience in NRW

7 Bartists finished the Tough Mudder in NRW after 11 miles of mud and dirt, 2500 feet of altitude change and 21 obstacles. More

Bartists’ New Workout Park in Kaiserslautern

Bartists Kaiserslautern work out at the new park on the university grounds. More

Bartists’ 1-Year Anniversary

Since over 365 days Bartists officially train, work and grow together as a team and today we are glad to celebrate our first anniversary as a registered sports club. More